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Ryan the Hedgehog

Ryan the hedgehog and his friends go up against an unknown foe as he tries to rescue Ryan's girl. A spoof sprite comic based on Sonic the Hedgehog, starring characters made by me and my friends. If you don't like it, don't read it


Name: Ryan the Hedgehog - Age: 19

Bio: The main hero of the story and the comic‘s namesake. An energetic and courageous person who won’t stop until his enemies have fallen and the girl has been rescued. A prime example that intelligence and common sense are two different things, he does have his moments of smart thinking, but most of the time his head is on auto-pilot. He spent most his time going on adventures before he met his wife, Violet. He’s currently living with her and their daughter, Lilly. But when a mysterious entity kidnapped Violet and Lilly, he jumped back into his adventuring shoes and shot off, hot on their trail.

Name: Violet the Rabbit - Age: 18

Bio: A bright young woman and Ryan‘s significant other. She plays the helpless damsel in distress, but believe me, she is far from helpless. Prone to losing her temper at anything that gets in her way, combined with her ability to use powerful magic. She met Ryan by chance during one of his adventures, and has never left his side since. After going on a few adventurers together, they decided to settle down. But a few years after the birth of their daughter, she began to earn for a bit of excitement.

Name: Khu the Hedgehog - Age: 19

Bio: A calm and wise person and Ryan‘s best friend. When he isn‘t chasing after his other friends Lobo and Yamato, he‘s hanging out with Ryan. His calm nature is hides his true skill well, he is skilled in acrobatics and martial arts. But when pushed, he will unleash dark shadow powers. He was on holiday at the time of Violet’s kidnapping, taking a break from “baby sitting” Yamato and Lobo. However, a chance meeting with Ryan on his quest for his wife and daughter, he decided to help his old friend and join him.

Name: Cassie the Fox - Age: 16

Bio: A lively young fox and Tails “Miles” Prowler‘s younger sister. When she isn‘t chasing after her love Sonic or riding on her Extreme Gear, she hanging out with her friends. She is kind and helpful, but can be rather sensitive at times. She can‘t fly as well as her brother, but she does compensate with very dense tails that she can use as a mallet. After a tiny accident, she decided to make up to Ryan by joining him on his quest.

Name: Viktor the Rabbit - Age: 18

Bio: Viktor is Violet‘s twin brother. A rather mysterious person who prefers his privacy. Like his sister, he also can use magic, but he specialise in ghost magic. After hearing about his sister’s kidnapping, he joined Ryan to help rescue her…But something side tracks him on the way…

Name: Lilly the Rabbit - Age: 3

Bio: The young daughter of Ryan and Violet. She is very curious and playful, and can find time to play even in the midst of chaos. It is unknown what she can do, seeing as she is only a child, but it always seems that she is hiding something that will one day surprise everyone…

Other characters

Name: Geirmund the Fox - Age: 19

Bio: One of Ryan‘s friends. Even though he doesn’t join Ryan on his quest, he’s still got his hands full with keeping an eye on his girlfriend, Jackie.

Name: Jackie the Hedgehog - Age: 19

Bio: Geirmund’s very frisky and chaotic girlfriend. Very content with wandering around and causing havoc. Her carefree lifestyle hides her true nature, and she will help her friends when they need her most…As long as they buy her around at the pub!

Name: The DCE - Age: 21

Bio: Dangerously Cunning and Enigmatic, one of England’s finest minds…Nuff said…

Name: UXD - Age: 19

Bio: The unquestionable controller of the RtH (Ryan the Hedgehog) world, his previous masterpieces include “Legend of the Thunder Child” trilogy. Bow down to his awesomeness!…I also have a small cameo in this comic…


Name: Splinter - Age: 18

Bio: The story's main antagonist, this evil genius strives for nothing by total world domination. He uses his army of robots to try and find the Chaos Emeralds and to stop Ryan and Co from getting them, but will he succeed?

Name: ??? - Age: ???

Bio: Access to this character's Bio is denied...


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